About Clarity Sober Living

Our Mission

We strive to allow people struggling with addiction to find enjoyment, contentment, and fulfillment in their lives, while developing healthy coping strategies for the ups and downs we go through in life. With the help of strong recovery, community and a powerful support system, a foundation can be built that will make long-term recovery a reality.

The time spent in sober living can create the foundation on which long-term sobriety can stand. Some key elements of this foundation are:
When you are battling addiction, you need to be surrounded by healthy and positive people that help motivate and inspire you on the path of recovery.
The most successful recovery process involves the family being educated, included in the recovery plan and involved wherever possible! Clarity Sober Living believes that addiction is a family disease and recovery heals the whole family!
Developing a sober lifestyle includes learning ways to enjoy one’s self without the need to use any substances. We focus on helping our members discover their passions, through encouragement and organized activities, and help show that life without substances is fun, productive and fulfilling!

Clarity House is a beautiful home located in Manhattan Beach.

• 5 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, Luxury Beach Home
• 5 Minute Walk from the Beach and Downtown Manhattan Beach
• Easy Acess to Public Transportation, Shopping, AA Meetings and Recreaton
• Assistance with Money Management and Budgeting
• Daily Planning
• Light Daily Chores
• Individualized Treatment Plans
• Focus on Developing Self-Worth
• Recreational Activities such as Hiking, Beach Activities, Sports, and the Gym are Encouraged
• Weekly House Meetings to Provide Support and Direction for House Members
• Regular 12 Step Meeting Attendance
If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, help is available!

Give us a call at 877-705-6859