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Why Is Aftercare Important?

Sober Living Homes are a form of aftercare that can provide an individual with a substantially higher chance at successful recovery. They work because they allow someone struggling with alcoholism and/or drug addiction, to get the support that they need while learning to re-adjust to daily life while sober.

Detoxes and rehabs can help someone with drug addiction and alcoholism to get off of drugs and alcohol, but the real challenge lies in learning how to maintain sobriety. It can be challenging for an addict or alcoholic to go back into the same environment as they were in during active use, and having to encounter the same habits, stresses, routines, and people. Sober living can help to eliminate these added risk factors in early sobriety, and can help to prepare the individual for when they are ready to face these things.

Addiction is a chronic illness. Most of the people who identify as addicts or alcoholics will need long-term care for them to be able to successfully achieve a sober life.

Learning how to develop and nurture this lifestyle can be extremely difficult, and take time. So it is important to have the support and care that is needed in order to have the greatest chances for success.
In the early stages of recovery from addiction, people will face unique struggles. Having a good sober living to go to will provide the greatest chances for a successful recovery.

If yourself or a loved one has been struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, or has been in a medical detox, inpatient or outpatient program, then a sober living may be the next step.

Research shows that a sober living or halfway house is more likely to produce long term, sustained sobriety, versus an environment where people are actively drinking or using substances.

Sober living houses are designed to provide a moderately structured lifestyle and support for people who are early in recovery and give them a substance free living environment.

These houses will usually be based on the social model of recovery (12 step programs) and will usually have a house manager who will look over the house and the residents. There is typically not medical staff, however residents will usually need to follow the house structure, such as regular drug testing, curfew, chores and AA or NA meeting attendance.

Sobriety is a vital goal when overcoming drug addiction, however it can sometimes seem as if it can cause more problems for an individual because they no longer have their go to coping mechanism.

Learning to develop new ways to deal with life requires a commitment to increasing self-awareness and actively working to improve quality of life. If a person can make this commitment, then recovery can become a very rewarding journey toward personal growth. Sober living helps to provide a safe and supportive environment for people to make this journey.

Maintaining sobriety is never easy, and can seem impossible without a solid support system . Sober livings offer a safe environment to learn to live life on life terms, without the use of drugs and alcohol.


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