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The women residing at Clarity House are also given the opportunity to attend Clear Recovery Center for additional outpatient treatment. Clear’s Adult Outpatient Program works with adults recovering from alcoholism and addiction, and their families, to get back into the world. Clear Recovery Center emphasizes addiction education, relapse prevention, developing a healthy lifestyle, and building the skills needed to successfully live a sober and independent life.

The Adult Outpatient services provided include:


Individual Therapy


Family Sessions

Family Support Group


Aftercare Planning


Group Therapy

Family Group Therapy

Career Counseling

Drug Testing

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is an essential part of Clear Recovery Center’s outpatient program. It is a core step that helps individuals in their continued recovery. Every member of the outpatient is given a personal counselor who makes a unique addiction treatment plan and works with the individual’s other treatment professionals. The counselor is the main liaison for their clients’ care.

Goals of individual counseling includes:


Individual counseling is focused on giving clients a safe environment to change harmful behavior and explore the root problems underneath their addictions.


  • Education on addiction
  • Exploring signs and symptoms of addiction in the lives of the clients
  • Developing healthier coping mechanisms and problem solving strategies
  • Integrate clients into 12 step groups
  • Goal setting
  • Accountabilit

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an important part of any recovery process. Individual therapy allows for one on one work and a focus . By making sure that each individual has access to a personal therapist, the opportunity to heal from trauma and work through root causes exists! Many clients actually continue their relationship with their therapist as time goes on, even after they finish at Clear Recovery Center.

Goals of individual therapy includes:


Individual therapy is centered around providing the highest level of customized care and allow an individual in recovery to work through the underlying issues that prevent them from living a life in recovery.


  • Working through root causes of addiction
  • Personal and one on one therapist
  • Resource for stability and feedback
  • Professional clinicians with extensive experience in addiction space
Group Therapy

Group Therapy has long been considered a crucial aspect of addiction treatment. Often times, addiction pushes an addict into an isolated lifestyle, which further exaggerates mental and emotional issues. Group therapy helps to reconnect people to a community of healthy relationships which is a big step in addressing these issues.

The foundation of group therapy, is a safe environment that allows people to safely express their feelings, personal truths, fears, and frustrations. Members of the group are empathetic towards each other’s struggles, which makes group therapy an effective way to facilitate treatment.


At completion of group therapy clients will be able to:


All counselors at Clear are professionally trained and experienced. They run group therapy with topic based meetings that aid addicts in identifying and working though issues in a group setting.


  • Identify and relate with other members personal experiences and offer each other advice and support.
  • Witness others reaching sober milestones and have a sense of hope in their own ability to reach these milestones.
  • Have relief from the isolation that they lived in prior to treatment.
  • Develop healthy social skills in a positive and productive environment.
Both Clarity House and Clear Recovery Center believe that escaping from the grips of addiction is a two-part process. The first part is to get individuals inspired about their recovery, so residents and clients are integrated into a community of other sober addicts and alcoholics who are dedicated to maintaining their sobriety and improving their quality of life. The second part, is to get them involved in therapy and learn what drove them to their addiction in the first place and what factors to look out for that continue to drive them back. To learn more, visit

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, help is available!

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