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Recovery In The Greater Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are home to over 3,000 12 step meetings every week, and is home to one of the biggest and most active sober communities in the world. Active involvement in a recovery community is one of the most important aspects of getting and maintaining sobriety. Living in a sober living in the greater Los Angeles area is a great option for anyone trying to get a new start and develop a sober lifestyle.

The Los Angeles recovery community is booming with activity. Different groups and committees will put on a variety of fun, sober events for anyone in the community to attend, such as trips to amusement parks like 6 Flags, trips to the beach, sober dances, and conventions with thousands of attendees. These events provide people excitement, friendships, and motivation to maintain their sobriety and become more involved in their sober community.

The greater Los Angeles area has so many opportunities for sober fun. From the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and the South Bay, to incredible museums, such as LACMA and the Getty Museum, not to mention unlimited places to go for food and fellowship after AA or NA meetings, Los Angeles has no shortage of things to do that don’t sacrifice ones recovery.

Often times when people are first getting sober, they don’t have a job, and may not have the greatest resume around. For many recovering addicts and alcoholics, working is an important aspect of living sober and learning to be independent, happy, and free from addiction.

Luckily for those living in the greater Los Angeles area, there are no shortages of places to look for work. People living in Los Angles and the surrounding areas have so many opportunities for good paying jobs that can provide a living wage and give recovering addicts a much needed sense of purpose and that they are once again contributing members of society.

For some recovering addicts and alcoholics, education can be an important part of their efforts to improve their overall quality of life and maintain sobriety. For these individuals, Los Angles provides several options to choose from. Schools in Los Angles are prevelant and diverse enough to meet nearly anyone’s aspirations, interests, and budget. From Universities such as UCLA, USC, and Cal State Northridge, to Community Colleges such as Santa Monica College, and El Camino College, the greater Los Angeles area has an educational institution that can meet your requirements. For those more artistically inspired, there are lots of music, film, and art schools that are local as well.

Los Angeles and the surrounding areas provide an individual who is new in recovery, with so many options to not only establish a sober life, but to flourish in it. The incredible diversity of paths that are available in the area, and the holistic approach to recovery in the local Los Angeles community, gives those in sober livings in the greater Los Angeles area the ability to become a well-rounded, productive, and flourishing member of society.


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