Sober Living for Women

Making the commitment to living a new, sober lifestyle is a significant step on the path to recovery from drug and/or alcohol abuse. Making such a significant lifestyle change is valuable but can become unmanageable when you lack the appropriate support. Luckily, Clarity Sober Living in Manhattan Beach, California, has all the support you need to reclaim your life and restore overall wellness. No matter where you are on your journey towards sobriety, our unique clients’s sober living facilities will provide the support and resources you need to get back on track.

Who is Sober Living For?

Clarity Sober Living provides a structured, substance-free environment for individuals working towards their sobriety. Our programming can provide support for individuals regardless of where they are on their recovery journey. Many of the residents of our sober living homes have recently completed an intensive residential recovery program or are participating in a local outpatient program and are ready to begin integrating into independent living but are interested in maintaining a higher level of structure to help themselves remain accountable to their sobriety goals. Other residents are community members who have independently decided that drug or alcohol use is negatively impacting their daily life and that a sober living environment could be beneficial. Still, others decide to live in a sober living environment at the recommendation of a drug or alcohol abuse counselor, medical professional, or friends and family.

What Are the Benefits of Sober Living?

There are many great reasons why a woman may choose to live in a sober living home. Because of the benefits of having a safe, comfortable place to live, connecting with relatable peers, and having access to a productive level of structure and accountability, many individuals in recovery find that the sober living home experience is one that they simply cannot pass up.

A Safe Space

Many clients are drawn to gender-specific recovery spaces because they feel much safer and welcoming. Residents are able to focus on their recovery and avoid the distraction that often accompanies mixed-gender recovery programs. Often, clients who struggle with substance abuse have experienced various types of trauma at earlier points in their lives. Living in a sober living residence with only clients allows residents to work through possible previous traumatic experiences while avoiding the fear and obstacles that may come along with living in close quarters with members of the opposite sex.

A Positive Peer Group

All of the clients in our sober living homes are committed to their sustained sobriety and are interested in collaborating with and building relationships with other clients who have similar goals. The Clarity Sober Living homes are great opportunities for clients from all walks of recovery to come together and support and empower one another towards a healthy, drug-free, lifestyle. When individuals commit to getting sober, they often feel alone and abandoned. They typically have to disconnect from their friend-groups in order to avoid the constant temptation to use. While distancing yourself from friends that make destructive choices is for the best when it comes to meeting your sobriety goals, it can still be excruciating to have to step away from the individuals that you have come to rely on. By participating in a sober living community, you will have the chance to build new, meaningful relationships with other clients that understand the desire to live a life free from addiction. Many times, the shared experience of working through recovery helps residents to connect with one another on a deeply personal level. At Clarity Sober Living, you are sure to connect with other clients who can become lifelong friends and supporters on your journey towards sobriety.

Structure With Purpose

Residents of the Clarity Sober Living home in the South Bay will work with expert staff and committed peers to establish a list of daily and weekly responsibilities so that each house member can contribute to the functioning of the household equally. Residents will also work on personal goals, like finding gainful employment, returning to school to train for a new career, and finding time to exercise and learning to prepare nutritious meals. Residents will have the opportunity to have weekly house meetings to discuss their personal, group, and recovery goals together, and will also be expected to adhere to certain community expectations like abstaining from having any overnight guests and committing to a reasonable curfew. These expectations, goals, and community building activities help residents to adequately prepare for independent, sober, living. When residents of our sober living homes feel ready, they work with our expert staff to establish an independent living plan and are then able to move into their own space as they embark on the next step in their recovery journey.

What Can I Expect?

It can be a little daunting to commit to living with new people in a new, structured, environment. Luckily, our sober living homes provide all the comforts of home with the structure needed to help you meet your sobriety goals. Residents are able to live their lives just like they would at home, but here, they will have the opportunity to work with professionals and other like-minded peers to accomplish goals that will help them to live a sober life, independently. Our residents go to work, cook meals, do yard and housework, and work to find balance when it comes to exercise and mental health maintenance. Residents of the Clarity Sober Living homes will also enjoy some unique aspects of our residences including:

No Time Limits and Continued Support

Many federally or state-funded sober living homes (often known as halfway houses) establish time limits when it comes to how long residents can utilize the benefits of a single-gender, sober living environment. Residents are expected to stay in halfway houses for only a couple weeks or months and then move elsewhere, whether they feel ready to manage their addiction independently or not. This means that many individuals who are in need of a sober living environment are expected to achieve sustained sobriety even when they lack the resources and knowledge to effectively do so. The Clarity Sober Living homes allow residents to stay as long as they need while they work towards meeting their goals and building up the skills that are necessary to live a healthy, sober, life– independently. Most of our residents graduate the primary component of Clarity House within 6 months and then spend an additional 2 to 3 months preparing for their independent living journey. We work with our residents to help them determine the ideal length of stay and make sure that when they do move out, they have the continued support that they need. Often, the clients of Clarity House will move out together, into a safe and sober household.

A Comfortable Living Environment

Clarity Sober Living is committed to providing a comfortable and home-like environment for individuals that choose to become residents at our sober living homes. Our sober living homes boast spacious rooms, updated bathrooms, a full laundry room, and a kitchen equipped with everything you need. Working towards recovery can be a complicated process, and we ensure that our residents don’t have to deal with the added stress of living in an uncomfortable environment. Residents are invited to truly move and settle into their space. They are encouraged to hang photos and decorate their rooms, stock up on their favorite snacks to keep in the kitchen and invite family and supportive friends over to visit during designated visiting times.

A Committed Community

Clarity Sober Living employs an expert care team that is focused on ensuring that each and every resident receives the support that they need to reach their recovery goals. We are able to help residents connect to mental health supports, assess their gifts and talents as they work towards finding a job or career that is a perfect fit and find meaningful community support opportunities like an AA group or valuable service work opportunities. Our residents are also able to support one another in their sobriety goals. All of our residents commit to keeping the community entirely substance-free, and residents frequently work with one another to set community expectations and goals and discuss strategies for staying sober. Between our expert care team and our committed residents, we are confident that you will find a supportive community that can help you to hold yourself accountable to your recovery goals by offering continued encouragement.

Available Supports

Addiction is a disease. Like other diseases, like cancer and diabetes, individuals struggling with the illness need to seek out support and treatment in order to heal. Clarity Sober Living is committed to providing stellar support services for each of our residents so that they may reclaim their lives as soon as possible. Residents of our sober living facilities will have the opportunity to work with professional staff on site and can also work with our expert care team to connect to other specialized services if a need arises. Residents of the Clarity Sober Living homes will have access to:

Mental Healthcare

Many individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction have experienced previous trauma and struggle with co-occurring mental health diagnoses. If these different mental health concerns go untreated, they can continue to negatively impact the recovery process. Our residents will have the opportunity to meet with licensed counselors and therapists to help them manage their mental health. Residents can meet with mental health practitioners in the local community or can choose to meet with their mental health practitioner on site in the designated meeting areas in the sober living home.

Physician Referrals

Holistic health is key to ensuring that residents can continue to work towards their sobriety goals. The South Bay area of California boasts some of the best medical professionals in the country. Individuals admitted to our sober living home will be able to work with world-class physicians for any of their new or pre-existing medical needs. Individuals in need of psychiatric medication management will also find a large number of psychiatrists in the area that specialize in different mental illnesses and that provide a wide variety of approaches towards mental health management.

In-House Support

Residents in our Manhattan Beach sober living homes will be expected to participate in weekly group house management meetings. During these times, residents will have the opportunity to work with their peers in order to establish expectations, address concerns, and share triumphs and struggles related to the process of getting and staying sober. These dialogue sessions will enable residents to build the teamwork skills necessary to work effectively in their jobs and manage other healthy relationships in their lives. Too often drug and alcohol addiction can damage relationships and isolate those suffering from addiction. This isolation can lead to a lack of ability to effectively manage conflict and positive relationships in general. Our approach towards collaborative, communal living ensures that our residents get many opportunities to rebuild their teamwork and communication skills.

Community Group Support

Residents of our sober living community are also encouraged to connect to local groups that are designed specifically for individuals working towards drug and alcohol addiction recovery. There are many AA and NA group meetings available at various times throughout the week all around the greater Los Angeles area. Connecting to these larger, global organizations will ensure that our sober living participants will have access to a familiar support system no matter where their path in life takes them next

Things To Do In The South Bay Near Clarity House

Our sober living home is located in Manhattan Beach, California, Manhattan Beach is home to some of the most beautiful beach and seascapes on the West Coast, and both residents and visitors can enjoy the piers, surf, sun, and sand that the beaches have to offer. Manhattan beach is also a bike lover’s paradise. There is a beautiful 22-mile bike path (Marvin Braude Bike Trail) that runs along the beach and offers beautiful views of some of the most high-end real estate in the area. Manhattan Beach is also home to Polliwog Park, Veterans Parkway, and the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden.

Manhattan Beach is also part of the sprawling Los Angeles metro area. Downtown LA is only about 30 minutes away by car, and individuals living at the Manhattan Beach clients’s sober living residence will be able to enjoy all of the sights and sounds of the big city while enjoying the more relaxed, beach environment of a home. Los Angeles is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions in the nation, including the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Sign, and Disneyland. Visitors to the city can also enjoy the Griffith Observatory, The Getty Center, and the LA County Museum of Art.

Manhattan Beach is conveniently located close to other major cities in California like Malibu, Santa Monica, and Redondo Beach. Women living at the Manhattan Beach sober living home will be able to enjoy all of the beautiful attractions in the surrounding area.

What Comes After Sober Living?

The staff at Clarity Sober Living is passionate about ensuring that all of our residents are fully prepared to transition to independent living when they leave our program. Residents work with our expert care team to create a plan for independent living that includes setting goals, establishing a positive support system, and getting connected to other professional services (mental health counseling, medical care, etc.). Residents will also have the opportunity to connect to recovery resources in their local community, like AA and NA meetings and other recovery support groups. Throughout their time in our sober living residence, residents will work with their staff and peers to set and meet goals related to preparing for independent sober living. When you walk out of our doors, we will ensure that you have all of the wraparound services that you need in place for you to continue to succeed in your recovery journey.