A Sober Girl’s Night Out in Manhattan Beach

When you’re just beginning the road to recovery, it can seem difficult to find fun things to do with friends that don’t include drug or alcohol use. Luckily, in a location like Manhattan Beach, there are tons of great things to do even when sobriety is required. Consider checking out these great options for your next girls’ night out:

1. A Relaxing Night at the Spa

Manhattan Beach is known across Southern California for having some of the best and most cutting-edge spa services in the area. Get together with your girlfriends and treat yourself to some well-deserved rest while your nourish your skin, hair, and nails. You’ll wake up the next morning glowing and gorgeous and will be glad you skipped the hangover.

2. A Food Tour

Instead of bar hopping, hop from high-end restaurant to high-end restaurant and taste a variety of delicious, and exotic foods! From Thai cuisine to authentic Italian and everything in between, you’re sure to have a great time sampling some of the best kitchens in Southern California. The A-list chefs that are native to the area will surely impress your taste buds (and your friends!).

3. Beach Night

Consider gathering a group of girls on the beach one night to enjoy the sand and beautiful low tides. You can build a campfire on the beach and enjoy the warm summer air and that naturally intoxicating bonfire smell! Some AA groups even meet on the beach, so you and your girls can talk candidly about the struggles and triumphs you’ve achieved so far during your recovery journey. On a clear night, you’ll probably even be able to map out some of your favorite constellations in the starry night sky.

4. Laugh Out Loud

Because Manhattan Beach is located so close to Downtown Los Angeles, you’re almost always going to be able to catch a live comedy show during your girls night weekend. While alcohol may be allowed in various different venues, you and your girls can always just opt out of the liquor, grab a soda, and laugh the night away while you watch one of your favorite stand up comedians.

5. Have a Movie Night

You and your girls can always have a traditional “dinner and a movie” girls night. Many local theaters even allow you to combine the dinner and movie experience into one by offering seat-side dinner service while you catch the latest flick! If you want a great excuse to get all dolled up with your girlfriends, try to snag tickets to a film premiere in LA! You can get access to an up and coming movie earlier than all your friends and will get the chance to scope out some celebrities at the same time.

6. Girls Night In

Girls nights in are always underestimated, but there’s nothing better than hanging out with your best friends at home. You can avoid the crowds, order delicious take-out, pamper yourselves and unwind from the stress of life, all with your biggest supporters.