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Sober Living for Women

Clarity Sober Living for Women in the South Bay Making the commitment to living a new, sober lifestyle is a significant step on the path to recovery from drug and/or alcohol abuse. Making such a significant lifestyle change is valuable but can become unmanageable when...

A Sober Girl’s Night Out in Manhattan Beach

A Sober Girl's Night Out in Manhattan Beach When you’re just beginning the road to recovery, it can seem difficult to find fun things to do with friends that don’t include drug or alcohol use. Luckily, in a location like Manhattan Beach, there are tons of great things...

The South Bay of Los Angeles

Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are home to over 3,000 12 step meetings every week, and is home to one of the biggest and most active sober communities in the world. Active involvement in a recovery community is one of the most important aspects of getting and maintaining sobriety.

Gender-Specific Sober Living

In early recovery, cravings for drugs and alcohol are at their peak, and can trip up even the most motivated individual. When addicted people are early in their recovery, it is oftentimes helpful for them to steer clear from the opposite sex for a period of time in order to be able to focus on their recovery and addictions without distractions.

Addiction Aftercare

Sober Living Homes are a form of aftercare that can provide an individual with a substantially higher chance at successful recovery. They work because they allow someone struggling with alcoholism and/or drug addiction, to get the support that they need while learning to re-adjust to daily life while sober.

Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Drug addiction is an often misunderstood disease. Many people think that those who take drugs are morally weak individuals, or are lacking in willpower, and could stop using drugs if they really wanted to. The reality is that drug addiction is a complicated illness and stopping takes much more that willpower or good intentions.

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcohol is a legal substance in the United States, and most countries around the world. It plays a role in many social events and is consumed recreationally by millions of Americans every day without significant harm.
However around 7 to 10% of individuals who consume alcohol, develop symptoms of alcohol abuse and dependence.