Becoming a better person by getting sober.

How I Decided To Become Sober (On The Way To Winning The Struggle Against Addiction)

It was a normal day when I needed to drag myself out of bed. My head was still feeling heavy from the previous night’s booze. As I got myself up to go to the shower, I thought that I had hit something. Our small family picture beside my bed laid on the floor. It was still intact. I picked it up and stared at it for as long as I could remember. Then it dawned on me. What have I done to myself? That was my turning point. For the first time, I saw this shoddy woman looking in the mirror– disgruntled, tired, and out of control. It was only a matter of time before the company got me fired for my unexplained absences, sloppy work, and bad temper. Nobody wanted to be around me anymore. The bottle has been my best friend for many years.  So I had finally admitted to myself that I had an addiction problem. I realized that I had to make that first step towards the transformation I never knew would turn my life around. And I took another step and more. It wasn’t easy, but through the course of time, I’ve learned that it wasn’t impossible either. To be sober or not to be? use this story for Sober living in Manhattan Beach CA

In a beautiful and non-threatening way, sober living has spiraled my life upwards. I am never the same as I was before. I have rediscovered two key things about myself which led me to this awesome journey of living sober:


Admitting to myself that I had an addiction disease has set me free from the lies I had believed in. I’ve abandoned myself to drinking because I thought it was my best friend. One lie after the other hooked me deeper in my addiction. Now I’m free to be myself without having to fear what people would think about me.


I had begun to accept myself which gave me confidence and made me feel how important I was. I’m still learning to see myself in new ways as I have never realized before. I am now able to appreciate people and share with them. I’ve noticed that things around me are more beautiful now than before. My life now has meaning, and it continues to grow inside me. I’m calmer, and I can confront myself without feeling weak. I’m stronger now and ready to face life’s challenges one day at a time.My recovery and the learning continue to flourish. I have no trace of regret in choosing to walk the path to sobriety. It’s a lifelong process which opens up new doors for meaningful, beautiful life experiences for me.

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