Sober Living in the South Bay.

Clarity Sober Living is more than just a home, we are a community as well as a lifestyle. Come find a life-long support group of clients who care for you and your loved one.

Located in the South Bay, Los Angeles

Highly Structured

Clinical Services Available

Empowering clients to make a change.

Clarity House is more than just a sober living. We are a community as well as a lifestyle, focusing on the “big picture” of recovery. Whether for you or for your loved one, we work with clients who are seeking recovery for the first time or have been unsuccessful after multiple attempts. We provide a structured living environment where clients can succeed. Come find a life-long support group with us.

Find the new you.

We strive to allow people struggling with addiction to find enjoyment, contentment, and fulfillment in their lives, while developing healthy coping strategies for the ups and downs we go through in life. Some of the focuses of our program include:

Focus on Developing Self-Worth

Hiking, Beach Activities, Sports & Gym are Encouraged

Weekly House Meetings to Provide Support & Direction

Recovery isn’t one-size-fits-all.

By working closely with Clear Recovery Center, the clients in our program are able to take part in a variety of different therapeutic modalities in order to uncover underlying trauma and hinderances from true success in their lives.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is centered around providing the highest level of customized care and allow an individual in recovery to work through the underlying issues that prevent them from living a life in recovery.

Family Sessions

As addiction is a family disease, we conduct family sessions with those who are able to to help facilitate recovery of the entire family unit.

Career Counseling

Substance abuse often takes an individual away from their core goals in life; we provide career counseling to help our residents go back to school or get back to work.

Alumni Support

Alumni of Clarity Sober Living continue to give back to their community by sharing their experience and helping out at the house even long after they move out.

What to expect.

Think you’re a good fit for us? Here’s what you can expect during our simple intake process.


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